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L'amministratore delegato EZIO MONTI

L’Amministratore Delegato

In 1987, Ezio Monti, current CEO, after ten years of experience in the engineering industry in the field of cutting machines for cutting sheet metal, decided to form the company TecniPant.
Created to provide technical assistance TecniPant, with qualified staff, over the years has extended its activities first to the recondition of the machines, for then starting a department of design, manufacturing and sales facilities specializing in oxyfuel, plasma and combined technologies. Well present in the national market has developed in response to requests and needs he found day after day, knowing catch and propose what was most interesting for its customers. Hence the decision to enter in a technical and commercial alliance in 2009 with¬† MICROSTEP GROUP , a global leader in automation technology with cutting Plasma, Laser and Waterjet machines. This collaboration has allowed TecniPant to enter new market sectors (aerospace and automotive, agriculture, construction …) and provide sophisticated technologies and plant designs specifically tailored for customers. The service and solutions provided, qualify TecniPant the elite of only a couple of other companies in the world. Currently Tecnipant is the only Italian manufacturer that can boast the installation of a large size Laser Fiber unique in Europe. TecniPant is also the authorized distributor for Hypertherm, Victor Technologies e Kjellberg spare parts.
Besides the competence and the vast range of articles in store, TecniPant is noticed for another important factor: the post-sale support.
TecniPant knows the importance of this last factor and how is important the timeliness of intervening. In fact, aware of the possible damages caused by a long waiting for the reparation of your pantograph, it undertakes to effect a timely intervention of maintenance, it makes complete revisions both near the client and in its own factory, it stipulates contracts of preventive maintenance, it furnishes free estimates.