ProfileCut is a variable machine dedicated for production of steel structures. Besides optional pipe-, rectangular profile- and sheet cutting zones it has a dedicated zone for cutting of structural profiles such as I, U or L. To enable precise division as well as cut-outs in required spots on the beam, the machine is equipped with a laser scanner for measuring of the exact shape of profile in the place of cutting which allows the control system to adjust the movement of tool according to the true shape of profile. In addition, the machine offers drilling and marking operations on beams.


Working length 1500 – 50000 mm
Working width 1500 – 8000 mm
Max number of tool stations 6 (8G)
Max thickness of material cut by plasma According to a plasma source
Max thickness of material cut by oxyfuel 300 mm
Positioning speed Fino a 23 m/min (depends on version)
Positioning accuracy ± 0,07 according to DIN 28 206
Pipe diameter range 100 – 1500 mm
Hollow profile 100×100 – 600×600 mm
Max H profile HEB 1000